Friday Update 6-13-14

Greetings faithful readers. Okay, okay, we give... After attending a Facebook for non-profits training this week we learned that the type of post that gets the most likes on Facebook is, get ready, cat videos... I'm just not sure what to think of this and can't believe it but peer pressure being what it is, we are going to feature a cat video this week. Ugghh... Take a bromo, watch the cat video, and then get serious and read Friday Update!

Most important reads for this week  

Blended grants - The homogenization of family and youth voice has begun... 
The latest grant announcement from SAMHSA caught my eye, and I found myself muttering under my breath, "Okay, here we go. The homogenization of family and youth voice has begun." SAMHSA has just released an RFA for fiscal year (FY) 2014 Statewide Peer Networks for Recovery and Resiliency grants. Eligible applicants are SAMHSA Network grantees in the nine states where there is an RCSP-SN award and either one or both a Statewide Consumer Network and Statewide Family Network. The kicker is they have to submit an application together.Remember folks, the train known as health care reform has left the station. We are entering the new age of rampant consolidation in an effort to save money. With all of the wonderful components of the ACA that are afforded to people in this country, one of the potential, and increasingly visible, casualties is the loss of a clear voice for children's mental health. We can't let that happen. I want to encourage all Network faithful to pay attention to how these grant efforts roll out. You can bet that our good friends in the substance abuse and consumer movement communities will be paying attention. We need to be vigilant as well.

SAMHSA/HRSA integrated care core competencies manual needs stronger focus on primary care providers 
CMHNetwork Advisory Council member Col (Ret) George Patrin, MD, does a thorough analysis of the recently published SAMHSA/HRSA integrated core competencies manual and points out that the focus on primary care providers could use some shoring up. In the new age of health care reform let's not underestimate the importance of primary care providers, who are a pivotal hub for the care and support of youth and families. Worthy read Network faithful! 

June 12 - Call Congress and tell them to "Pass the Act and Keep Students Safe!" 
The national call-in day to reach out to members of Congress and tell them to end the use of restraints and seclusion rooms in schools has passed, but the Keeping All Students Safe Act has not. Keep callin', buggin', and sharin' folks. This is an important bill that needs all of our help. 

Georgetown Training Institutes is calling all RockStars! 
Are you a youth or young adult leader age 13 and up? Want to learn strategies to bring change to your communities to communities around the country? If the answer is YES then you should check out the RockStar Youth Leadership Track at the Training Institutes, July 16 – 20 in Washington, DC. 

Georgetown Training Institutes – Get your hotel room now! 
Okay, we know you are a RockStar but ya gotta register for the conference and reserve your hotel room at the Gaylord National if you are gonna be a true RockStar... Rooms are going fast and the discounted rate closes on June 18th. Don't forget to get the latest updates and connect online with the Training Institutes on Facebook and Twitter

National Family Dialogue for Youth With Substance Use Disorders out with new issue-brief 
Network faithful are encouraged to download the just-released issue-brief Family Involvement in Child-Serving Systems and the Need for Cross-Systems Collaboration. Shannon CrossBear and Sharon LeGore co-authored the issue-brief. These two superstars are leaders of the National Family Dialogue for Youth With Substance Use Disorders and fierce advocates for ensuring that family voice is front and center in the national conversation about adolescent substance abuse. The issue-brief reviews what has been accomplished to date in the development of the family voice in all the child-serving systems—not just the substance abuse system but also the systems of mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, trauma support, education, and primary care. 

Statewide Peer Networks for Recovery and Resiliency grants posted 
SAMHSA and CSAT are accepting applications for fiscal year (FY) 2014 Statewide Peer Networks for Recovery and Resiliency grants.  What is different about this particular grant that it requires current SAMHSA-funded Recovery Community Services Program-Statewide Networks (RCSP-SNs), Statewide Family Networks (SFNs), and Statewide Consumer Networks (SCNs) grants to work together. Be sure to read our Morning Zen piece on this grand experiment. 

NCTSN out with new tools to address child trauma and domestic violence 
The National Child Traumatic Stress Network's Domestic Violence Committee has recently developed a resource about child trauma for those working with children and families who have experienced domestic or interpersonal violence. These folks got it goin' on when it comes to great resources around trauma informed care. 

Time to get ready for "The Tampa Conference" 
Known widely as "The Tampa Conference," and hosted by the University of South Florida, this annual gathering brings together more than 500 researchers, evaluators, policy-makers, administrators, parents, and advocates. The call for proposals will be out at the end of August so sharpen your pencils and start slatherin' the sunscreen to prepare for the beautiful March sunshine in Tampa, Florida. "Oh Canada" Network faithful, this one is especially for you! 

Apply to be an Institute Scholar in the Institute for Translational Research in Adolescent Behavioral Health! 
Speaking of Tampa and the good folks at USF, be sure to check out their new Institute Scholar program. The Institute is a federally funded state of the art research education program, which teaches the practical skills of translational and implementation science in the field of adolescent behavioral health. Become an Institute Scholar and get the opportunity to work with other scholars, community partners, academic mentors, and national mentors to advance the field of translational science and promote evidence-based practice. Let's go folks – add this to your impressive resume. 

Our Minds 1 Dance 
We here at the Network just love it when Network faithful share their creativity around promoting mental health awareness. Check out Our Minds 1 Dance and give the creators of this video a huge shout out. Nice job and keep promoting positive messages about mental health awareness! 

Another shooting - when is enough enough? 
Since the December 2012 shooting in Newtown, CT, there have been at least 74 school shootings in America. When is enough enough? The rapidly growing movement called Everytown for Gun Safety has produced a sobering map showing all of the school shootings in America since the Sandy Hook tragedy. 

New health reform lead at SAMHSA 
Christopher Carroll will be taking over the reigns of the Senior Advisor to the Administrator for Health Care Financing position previously held by Suzanne Fields effective June 13. According to the SAMHSA press release, Carroll will head the Financing and Integration Team, "a cross-agency team approach to the next phases of SAMHSA's health reform, integration, and financing efforts." Welcome and enjoy the CMHNetwork honeymoon Christopher. We will wait a few days before putting you on speed dial so that you can handle all of our sticky SAMHSA questions. Best of luck to Suzanne Fields in her new endeavor! 

My Brother's Keeper Task Force Report to the President 
The President's Task Force on My Brother's Keeper, a White House initiative to expand opportunity for boys and young men of color, has released a blueprint for action. The report provides a set of initial recommendations to the White House, such as making the status and progress of boys and young men of color and other populations more visible by improving data collection and transparency, and launching a public-private campaign to recruit mentors for youth.


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