Friday Update 5-23-14 
Greetings faithful readers. Since Friday Update has reached an important milestone (see below and dig deep) we thought we should start off with one of our favorites - 25 Miles - by the great Edwin Starr. Network faithful got to keep walkin', gonna keep on walkin on. So glad all of you are participating in the quest to keep children's mental health front and center. Watch the video, get your high-top Converse on and walk through this special edition of Friday Update! 

Most important reads for this week 

This is our 100th issue of Friday Update!
Goodness, what a milestone. Dating back to April 27th, 2012 we have worked hard to bring you relevant news and analysis in the wonderful world of children's mental health. Visit our Friday Update page if you ever want to take a walk down memory lane. The resources, articles, Morning Zen opinion pieces all reflect the diversity and collective voice of the Children's Mental Health Network. Dang, I'm feelin' the itch to get out my wallet and make a donation and you should be too! Remember, we don't take federal money, don't pay ourselves a salary (which is why we have been known to dine and dash on more than one occasion) and our fundraising plan of asking congressional staffers to share their pocket change to help pay for our gas so we don't run out on I-95 (522 miles roundtrip) has failed miserably... At any rate, drop a few quarters in the bucket, will ya? We want to make sure we keep the news about children's mental health front and center to families, youth, providers and policy-makers. Thanks in advance. Anyone can live without a cafe double grande mocha latte with extra foam for one day. Unless you are me of course... not gonna happen... Okay Network faithful - dig deep!

Reflections on HR 3717 and HR 4574 
Oh goodness, I have been trying to put pen to paper trying to make sense of the the increasingly partisan tug of war between the two mental health reform bills currently making the rounds in the House - HR 3717 (Rep. Tim Murphy) and HR 4574 (Rep. Ron Barber). Bottom line is children and families lose and gain something in both bills. Sounds paradoxical but it is true. I know I promised a Morning Zen post on this topic for this issue of Friday Update but the seasoning is not quite right. I need to let it simmer. Should be ready to feast on by next Friday!

Ohio counties pass levy that protects children against lifetime risk of mental illnesses 
Ohio citizens just did something no other place in America has done. They voted for a levy to fund and implement a named evidence-based practice in their counties' elementary schools—scientifically proven to protect children from lifetime mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, and to increase high-school graduation and university entry.  The practice is called the PAX Good Behavior Game, which is one of the few evidence-based practices with 20 years of high quality scientific and medical proof of protecting children through adulthood from multiple mental illnesses. Important read for Network faithful! 

Muppet-themed mobile app helps military kids adjust to moving 
Sesame Workshop is at it again with another useful app for military families with young children who are often faced with multiple moves over the years involved with military service. The average military child moves six to nine times between kindergarten and high school. That's a lot of planning, packing, unpacking, and readjusting — good reasons to start early to get children comfortable with moving. 

Reminder: Key grant applications due soon 
Hope you have been burnin' through those #2 pencils getting your applications ready. A friendly reminder that the deadlines for a number of mental health related grants will be here before you know it. 

American Psychological Foundation offering $25,000 fellowship for child psychology graduate students 
We figured that would get your attention... 

Still time to be a poster presenter at the Georgetown Training Institutes 
If you'd like to participate as a poster presenter at the July Training Institutes on children's mental health systems of care, it's not too late. Just submit a poster presentation form. This is a great opportunity to highlight your work and interact with colleagues in an informal setting. Who knows, you might even get placed next to the CMHNetwork Poster which would give us a great opportunity to get you to volunteer to do something for the Network...

Youth Mental Health First Aid USA: A training for adults assisting young people 
Speaking of the Georgetown Training Institutes, on top of everything else there is a wonderful opportunity to become a "Youth Mental Health First Aider" by attending a two-day Pre-Institute training. The Pre-Institute is a total of eight hours and will cost an additional registration fee of $150. The registration fee includes attendance at the program, all materials, one dinner reception, one breakfast, one lunch, and refreshments. Following completion of the training, participants will be certified as "Youth Mental Health First Aiders." Continuing Education credits will also be offered for participation in this program.

CDC launches new HIV prevention campaign 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched the latest communication campaign under its Act Against AIDS initiative – Start Talking. Stop HIV. This new national HIV prevention campaign is the result of input from more than 500 gay and bisexual men from across the United States. 

Basics of rate setting for family-run organizations within a Medicaid environment 
As family-run organizations move into the world of becoming Medicaid providers, it is important to understand rates and reimbursement in a fee-for-service environment and how fee-for-service rates are set; what costs go into a rate; and are there other considerations, including limits on billing or services that can be reimbursed? I've got a headache already. Fortunately the presenters know what they are talkin' about and actually present in a version of English that even I can understand! 

Toolkit for community conversations in Español 
The good folks at Creating Community Solutions have just shared some exciting news. SAMHSA has translated the Toolkit for Community Conversations About Mental Health into Spanish. 

Engaging adolescents through the Medicaid Benefit for Children and Adolescents 
Join this NASHP webinar to hear a federal perspective from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services on opportunities and promising strategies for states to leverage the Medicaid benefit for children and adolescents to better engage and meet the needs of adolescents. This will be followed by a conversation with presenters from Colorado and North Carolina about initiatives they have launched to better serve adolescents using the Medicaid benefit for children. 

Sanctuary and Supports for Girls in Crisis 
The fifth webinar in the SAMHSA Girls Matter! series on girls' behavioral health is aimed at bringing a message of hope and urgency for establishing effective behavioral health programs, interventions, and policies that support young women in crisis, including those who face juvenile justice system involvement, homelessness, and violence.


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Scott Bryant-Comstock
President & CEO 

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