Friday Update 5-2-14

Greetings faithful readers. We are looking forward to a fruitful meeting with Congressman Murphy next week to discuss HR 3717 and share our commitment to provide the education necessary to ensure a well-rounded picture of what works and what is needed to improve services and supports for youth with mental health challenges and their families. The Network is indeed a collective voice and we will do our part to help support the bridging of opinions and passions to find workable solutions. With that in mind, there can only be one video for this edition - Come Together by the Beatles. Enjoy the British Invasion and then get to readin' Friday Update! 

Most important reads for this week

Mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders are preventable - Letter to the Wall Street Journal signed by 23 leading prevention scientists 
This Morning Zen post, written by Dr. Dennis Embry, was originally sent to the Wall Street Journal as a response to an editorial that focused on HR 3717 – The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. The letter was signed by 23 leading scientists whose work has shown in gold-standard, randomized longitudinal control studies to prevent, avert, or reduce one or more than one mental illness, including members of the IOM Committee issuing the finding that mental illnesses are preventable. This is a worthy read Network faithful and we are most happy to share it with you to continue the growth of knowledge about effective strategies for meeting the needs of youth with emotional challenges and their families. 

Many opportunities to participate on National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day 
All sorts of ways to be involved on Awareness Day. From hashtags (still tryin' to figure out what the heck those are) to photos, videos, tweets, webcasts, KSOC-TV (I think Ron Burgundy anchors their news show) and more… I'm getting' exhausted just thinkin' about it all. 

CMHNetwork Children's Mental Health Awareness Week 
In partnership with Characters Unite and Creating Community Solutions the Children's Mental Health Network is offering two great activities that you can use as stand-alone activities during Children's Mental Health Week or can incorporate into your existing plans to enhance what we are sure is already a great program. Our focus this year is Battling Stigma and Disparities in Children's Mental Health. Creating Community Solutions is making all of their resources available so that you can hold meaningful dialogues in your community about the importance of battling stigma and disparities in children's mental health. Characters Unite has given us the idea of both joining their "I won't stand for" campaign and creating one of our own for you to participate in. Check it out Network faithful and get ready for a great Children's Mental Health Awareness week.

Become a RockStar at the 2014 Georgetown Training Institutes!  
Youth leaders from across the country will be coming together in the RockStar Youth Leadership Track to work on their positive personal growth and youth development skills to create a stronger future by advocating for system and social change. The program is led by Youth MOVE National in collaboration with the Georgetown University National Technical Assistance Center for Children's Mental Health. Register the youth leaders in your area today! 

Removing obstacles: A naturaopathic perspective on treatment 
The International Bipolar Foundation is offering another great webinar that Network faithful should take advantage of. In this webinar, Dr. Jennifer Bahr will give an overview of naturopathic medicine and will discuss how its philosophies relate to treating mood disorders and can offer hope and options to those who are struggling within the conventional model. She will discuss lifestyle and natural therapies that can be used to stimulate healing and maintain stable moods, as well as some to avoid. She will also help you learn to identify some common obstacles to good health and how to remove them so that any treatment you use may be more effective.

New website inspires civic engagement in youth 
Network faithful take note - we were pleased to see Youth M.O.V.E. National featured as one of the key online learning communities for youth in America on the new website Youth Engaged 4 Change. This website was created by the federal Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs to encourage youth and young adults to shape programs, policies, and services that affect their lives. Youth Engaged 4 Change offers examples of youth who have led change in their community, and provides opportunities for youth to get involved in the civic process. Check it out! 

Penn State College of Medicine training students as Navigators 
Network faithful are encouraged to take note of a great innovation taking place at Penn State College of Medicine where they are revising the school's curriculum to help students understand the way care delivery models, socioeconomic determinants of health, and payment approaches affect treatment outcomes. A key part of this is having first-year students serve as patient navigators. Love it!

Webinar: Peer Supports: What exactly does that mean? 
Note – This webinar is today at 2:00 pm so cancel your afternoon appointments, grab some popcorn, kick up your feet and turn the speakerphone on. 
This webinar will provide consumers, administrators, managers and providers with an historical look at Peer Supports, examples of successful Peer Support implementation, and the latest communication from CMS regarding Medicaid reimbursement of these important supports. 

George Washington receives $2.5 million for Autism Initiative 
A big Network congrats to George Washington University for receiving a gift of $2.5 million to provide an endowment for a professor who will lead the university's Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders  (AND) initiative. The inaugural director of the initiative will work to make GW an integrated one-stop resource for people and families affected by autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

FREDLA offering Diverse Leaders Scholarship Program 
The FREDLA Board of Directors is offering a $2,000 scholarship for one lucky applicant to attend the Diverse Leaders Scholarship Program for Executive Directors of family-run organizations and authorized leaders of American Indian and Alaskan Native communities. 

Making it Work: Understanding why young adult peer to peer support is unique 
We encourage you to sign up and participate in a special Georgetown National TA Center series Making it Work for Young Adults of Transition Age. The calls cover important and emerging trends to create better outcomes for young adults with behavioral health concerns. An all-star presentation team awaits you so get on it! 

Up to $1.4 Million available for 2014 Campus Suicide Prevention Grants 
This program is designed to assist colleges and universities build a foundation for their efforts to prevent suicide attempts and completions and to enhance services for students with mental and substance use disorders that put them at risk for suicide and suicide attempts. 

Minority AIDS Initiative Continuum of Care Pilot 
SAMHSA, CSAT, CMHS, and CSAP (those are some serious acronyms) are offering a jointly funded program to integrate care (behavioral health treatment, prevention, and HIV medical care services) for racial/ethnic minority populations at high risk for behavioral health disorders and high risk for or living with HIV. Applications due June 4 so time to get busy! 

Up to $88.5 Million available in State/Tribal Youth Suicide Prevention Cooperative Agreements 
The Prevention and Public Health Fund (PPHF)-2014 Cooperative Agreements for State-Sponsored Youth Suicide Prevention and Early Intervention support states and tribes (including Alaskan villages and urban Indian organizations) in developing and implementing statewide or tribal youth suicide prevention and early intervention strategies.



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