Friday update - 4-27-12

Greetings faithful readers. Here is what's new on the Children's Mental Health Network website this week.

 Mrs. Midwest International 2012 promotes children's mental health 
Beauty contests and children's mental health, a powerful duo - Last weekend Kristin Melton, Mrs. Midwest International 2012 held the first ever Green Queen event to help raise awareness about children's mental health. Current and former titleholders throughout Southern Illinois came together to support the cause of children's mental health by tying green bows that will be hung outside of homes and businesses to show support for reducing stigma. We were so excited about this event that we sent our Director of Community Management, Brittany Smith to spend some time with these beauty queens. Check out ourFacebook page to see photos and read Kristin's blog to learn about the event. At the Network we've been so impressed and inspired with Kristin's advocacy work that we're supporting her in becoming Mrs. International 2012 this July. Learn more about her advocacy journey and show your support for her cause by reading her guest blog on Morning Zen.

Ex-police chief calls for juvenile justice reform
In our continuing look at the very real and critical issue of disparities in who gets incarcerated and who gets treatment or sent home in a 911 call to police for intervention with a youth, we were intrigued by an article posted this week in The Daily NonPareil, Council Bluffs, Iowa. The interface between law enforcement and a young person with a mental health challenge can alter a life path in an instance. Here is one ex-police chief's assessment of the challenge of disparities as it relates to race. Imagine adding on the challenge of a mental health disorder... Read the story here.

Los Angeles is betting on one crusading doc to turn public health system around
Served up in our new Morning Zen section of the website is a truly inspirational story about Dr. Mitch Katz, who is transforming the Los Angeles county's public health system one primary care clinic at a time. There is much in this story for system of care proponents to take note of and extrapolate from. We say it alot here at the Network - these stories of inspiration we bring to you from a variety of disciplines outside of the "system of care world" draw directly from practices that are almost second nature for those of you who have been a part of the Child Mental Health Initiative (CMHI)Remember, in the brave new world that may or may not include the CMHI, we still need to be aggressive in our pursuit of community-based services and supports that wrap around youth and families. Be an inspiration to your colleagues in the larger human service delivery system so we can all benefit from more people like Dr. Katz.

Don't forget the Georgetown Training Institutes Pre-Institute sessions
We are excited about being a co-sponsor of the Georgetown Training Institutes this coming July. We will be there in full force and hope you will be to. When making your plans remember that the Institutes are as famous for their Pre-Institutes as they are the conference sessions! Read all about it here. Hot tip - still a few slots available for the Poster Presentations. Get on it!

Health Exchange Update: Colorado & DC - You're up!
If you live in Colorado or the District of Columbia you have until May 4th to get involved with the development of your Health Exchange. Click here for the details. Note to Network faithful - When we reported on this last week we mentioned Maryland as well, but their deadline was today. Read cmhnetwork.org while eating your wheaties each morning and you won't ever miss a thing again...

How much do you know about the uninsured? Take the quiz.
The Kaiser Family Foundation has come up with yet another great tool for you to use to help you better understand health care reform. Take their Uninsured Quiz and see how much you know, and better yet, learn a thing or two. C'mon, take the quiz. It's fun!

Yo Colbert, can you Haiku?
Okay, it's not like the National Council needs help from an upstart like us, but we want to do our part to help with theircampaign to get Stephen Colbert to represent South Carolina at Hill Day in June. Check out our suggestion for a Haiku contestto get Mr. C from S.C. to D.C. Feel the love, Council...

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Campaigns and more campaigns... We've mentioned them before but are listed here again just in case you missed them.Click here to review them all.

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As always, thank you for your continued support of the Children's Mental Health Network,

Scott Bryant-Comstock
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