Friday Update 4-25-14
Greetings faithful readers.  We've got a whole lot of Children's Mental Health Awareness Day, Week, and Month goodies in this edition of Friday Update so enjoy and incorporate some really great ideas into your celebratory planning. As far as a video of the week goes, we can't think of anything better than sharing the Characters Unite promo for their "I won't stand for" campaign, of which we are thrilled to be endorsing this year. Enjoy the video and then get to readin' Friday Update! 

Most important reads for this week

CMHNetwork Children's Mental Health Awareness Week 
In partnership with Characters Unite and Creating Community Solutions the Children's Mental Health Network is offering two great activities that you can use as stand-alone activities during Children's Mental Health Week or can incorporate into your existing plans to enhance what we are sure is already a great program. Our focus this year is Battling Stigma and Disparities in Children's Mental Health. Creating Community Solutions is making all of their resources available so that you can hold meaningful dialogues in your community about the importance of battling stigma and disparities in children's mental health. Characters Unite has given us the idea of both joining their "I won't stand for" campaign and creating one of our own for you to participate in. Check it out Network faithful and get ready for a great Children's Mental Health Awareness week. 

New Focal Point focuses on Co-Occurring Disorders 
Between one-third and one-half of young adults with mental health challenges have co-occurring substance use issues. This issue of Focal Point examines treatments and supports for this population. 

Register today for the Georgetown Training Institutes  
If you haven't registered for the 2014 Georgetown University Training Institutes, take a few seconds to look through the Agenda at a Glance. We've got an action-packed schedule from July 16-20th filled with presentations from experts from around the country, so register today! 

Where's Your Ribbon? 
Hats off to Linette Murphy of the Parent Professional Advocacy League (PPAL) for an ingenious campaign for Children's Mental Health Awareness Week. During last year's Children's Mental Health Awareness Month she started a Facebook Group called "Where's Your Ribbon" and challenged members to post pictures of where they were and what they were doing while wearing their green ribbon for Children's Mental Health. She is doing it again this year and is working overtime posting news stories that come in highlighting where green ribbons are being displayed. Join the group and add to the conversation and don't forget to check out the cool t-shirts!

Puyallup Tribal Health Authority promoting resiliency in children & reducing stigma 
Speaking of ingenious...We here at the Network love Triple-A baseball and Children's Mental Health Awareness Week. Heck yes they go together! Grab yourself some peanuts and a dog and check this one out.

Child Mind Institute is bringin' it for Children's Mental Health Awareness Month 
The Child Mind Institute is in full court press mode with their Speak Up for Kids campaign in preparation for Children's Mental Health Awareness Month and want you to take full advantage of the great resources they have waiting for you! Get on it Network faithful! 

Stamp Out Stigma sets a goal of reaching more than 1 million people 
Hang on, we are not done yet with Awareness month announcements... The Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness (ABHW), the national voice for specialty behavioral health and wellness companies, has just launched a campaign called Stamp Out Stigma. The campaign is aimed at reaching more than 1,000,000 people in 2014 in order to change perceptions and reduce the stigma of mental illness and substance use disorders. Okay Network faithful; let's help them out.

Learning community established to examine the implementation of the National CLAS Standards in Behavioral Health Systems 
The National Technical Assistance Center for Children's Mental Health at Georgetown University is seeking 20 individuals from state, territorial, and tribal level behavioral health systems who are committed to making a difference by implementing cultural and linguistic competency. The deadline for applying has been extended to April 30. Get in on this one quick! 

Upcoming webinar - Making it work: An evidence-informed approach to services for emerging adults with serious mental health conditions 
While there is a lack of evidence-based practices specifically designed to improve outcomes for emerging adults (ages ~16-30) with serious mental health conditions, this does not mean that there is a lack of useful evidence to inform practice. This webinar presents an evidence-informed practice model that describes a positive developmental approach to working with this population. The model is built around a framework of shared practice elements that appear across programs and interventions that have demonstrated success in working with young people with SMHCs. The webinar will outline the evidence that underlies the model, describe the model, and show how practice consistent with the model is responsive to the unique developmental tasks of emerging adulthood.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: From numbers to know-how 
The video and presentation slides from the April session of CDC's Public Health Grand Rounds, Autism Spectrum Disorder: From Numbers to Know-How, held on Tuesday, April 22 are now available. 

NCHS study: 7.5% of children aged 6-17 taking behavioral medications 
A survey conducted by researchers at the National Center for Health Statistics has found that "7.5 percent of children aged 6–17 are taking some sort of prescription medicine for emotional or behavioral difficulties," supporting evidence that an increasing number of "US kids are getting drugs for conditions like attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD)." 

New York Times takes a closer look at incarcerated juveniles 
Research has long shown that locking up young people puts them at greater risk of dropping out of school, joining the unemployment line and becoming permanently entangled in the criminal justice system. The number of children held in custody plummeted from about 107,000 in 1995 to less than 71,000 in 2010 and is still falling. This is all to the good. But the authorities could bring even more juveniles into the mainstream if they did a significantly better job of educating them. That means paying more attention to the learning disabilities, emotional problems and substance abuse issues with which these youngsters are disproportionately afflicted and which often helped land them in trouble in the first place. 

34th annual CMHACY Conference just around the corner 
The 34th annual California Mental Health Advocates for Children and Youth (CMHACY) Conference will open in Monterey on May 7. CMHACY is the largest independent statewide voice for children's mental health in California, serves as a gathering point and training source for professionals who work with youth, for the youth's families, and for the youth themselves. Fantastic lineup and there is nothing better than Asilomar in the spring!

One mother's words: Our kids need to talk about mental health 
One of the CMHNetwork's key collaborators for Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, Mary Jacksteit of Creating Community Solutions has written a heartfelt blog post on MomsRising about her personal experience with one of her children diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 

Getting to Wellness - International Bipolar Foundation Webinar 
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality among individuals with bipolar disorder. Diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and obesity are among the most common diseases in bipolar disorder and are also the leading risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Although it is unclear why the medical burden in bipolar disorder is so high, it is a primary concern for the treatment of the disease. Dr. Louisa Sylvia will discuss this medical burden, its importance in managing bipolar disorder, and ways to overcome it. This one is content-rich Network faithful. Check it out!

Webinar: Bridging the transition cliff: Best practices in assisting young adults with mental health needs as they transition to adulthood 
Marc Fagan, Associate Director for Youth Services at Thresholds in Chicago, the oldest and largest mental health agency in Illinois, will be presenting on the Thresholds Youth Programs, dedicated to best practices for young adults in care with severe mental health needs. The youth programs include a Residential Program for young adults, a Transitional Living Program for youth with Severe Mental Illness, and a Transitional Living Program for parenting young adults. Marc will discuss how Young Adulthood has evolved over 60 years into its own age range, and how that evolution underscores the unique needs of this age group, both on a national and local level.

7th Annual Fatherhood Solution Conference
It is no secret that the CMHNetwork is a huge fan of just about everything the Children's Institute in California does. One thing they have been particularly strong in is their longstanding commitment to providing quality training events around the issue of fatherhood involvement. If you work with fathers, are a father yourself or care about fathers strengthening the bond between them and their children then you should consider attending the upcoming one-day conference sponsored by the Children's Institute. Their seventh annual Fatherhood Solution Conference will be held on June 13th, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

How positive youth development offers promise for teen health & teen pregnancy prevention 
May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. In observance, the HHS Office of Adolescent Health is hosting a live webcast on positive youth development. Always timely and always excellent, check this one out.

Psychiatric hospital data now public 
Quality measures from 1,753 inpatient psychiatric facilities are being reported publicly for the first time, CMS announced. The information, posted on the consumer-focused website Hospital Compare, shows the number of hours physical restraints and seclusion were used as part of treatment and the incidence of post-discharge continuing care plans, among other data from October 2012 through March 2013.


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