Friday Update 12-5-14 

Greetings faithful readers. Our recent dialogue on Assisted Outpatient Treatment filled me with an overflowing sense of love for amazing partners and optimism about our efforts to bring together disparate viewpoints on what it will take to develop meaningful mental health policy in this country. For our opening video this week, enjoy the one and only Otis Redding, singing his iconic hit, "I've been loving you too long." The more we connect with what we love (yep, I said it) and appreciate about our colleagues from all sides of the issues impacting the delivery of services and supports for youth with emotional challenges and their families, the more common ground we find. Our dialogue series is proving that love and respect finds a way to soften the hardest edge. Look for the much-awaited write-up of the last dialogue, plus next steps, in the next issue of Friday Update. It will be worth the wait! Okay, get your Otis Redding fix and then get to readin' Friday Update!

Most important reads for this week

Congressional briefing: Incorporating "what works" in prevention science into policy 
Network faithful responded in a big way to the briefing announcement we sent out last week. Over 5,000 hits within an hour after sending. And who still does not believe that prevention science is not the next exciting area of scientific exploration? Heck, it already is – just enjoying the peak wave of interest that always follows pioneers. We will have a review ready for either this Friday or next. Stay tuned!

Anosognosia: Curing the disease of not knowing about simple, proven prevention of and treatments for serious mental illnesses 
Enjoy this thought-provoking essay from Dennis Embry, research scientist and Network Advisory Council member. Dennis is a leading advocate for bringing forward existing scientific evidence that shows simple, proven prevention of and treatments for serious mental illness. Be warned, if you are not prone to stretch your thinking beyond your cozy, toasty comfort zone, don't read this essay! Dennis tends to tell it the way he sees it. Dang, I'm feelin' warm and gooey all over. Here is a sample from his essay – proceed with caution! 

Advocates dialogue on Assisted Outpatient Treatment 
Yes, the write-up for our last dialogue series is taking a bit longer than expected, but it will be oh so worth the wait. It was an illuminating and courageous discussion among passionate advocates! Look for it this Friday, Network faithful!

28th Annual Research & Policy Conference on Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Behavioral Health - Proposal decisions on December 8th! 
A big thank you to the record number of proposal submissions for the conference. We have made our selections and will be notifying proposal applicants on December 10th. This coming Friday, we will begin our highlight series on many of the incredible presentations planned for the conference in March. Oh man, can't wait! Be sure to visit the conference website to stay up to date on exciting developments. 

Why children are not little adults, take two 
Be sure to read Lisa Lambert's latest Zen post on the troubling trend to think of children with mental health needs as "little adults", trying to cram the needs of children into an adult service delivery model. This topic touches a raw nerve for many, especially those who fought so hard for so many years to increase the prominence of mental health services designed for children and youth, not adapted from adult models. Worthy read, Network faithful! Also - hat tip to Network faithful Trina Osher for starting this discussion almost 20 years ago in her original article on the topic! You can find a link to the article in Lisa's post.

CMHNetwork #GivingTuesday! 
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Network on #Giving Tuesday. And for the rest of Network nation, remember that we are a 501 c-3 corporation so anything you donate is tax deductible! Okay, let those fingers fly on your keyboard and help us in our quest to produce meaningful mental health reform for youth with emotional challenges, their families and the communities in which they live. 

Kaiser unveils new interactive data tool for tracking Medicaid managed care market 
More than half of the nation's 67.9 million Medicaid beneficiaries now receive their health care in comprehensive managed care organizations (MCOs) – and the number and share are growing.  As states expand their use of Medicaid managed care, the Kaiser Family Foundation has launched a new interactive tool to enhance understanding and analysis of this important sector of the Medicaid program. Be sure to put the December 11 webinar on your calendar! 

Mediaxploitation: A call for unbiased reporting on boys and men of color 
Media reporting on the Grand Jury decision regarding the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, tended to focus on isolated instances of violence that erupted following the announcement of the jury's decision. Yet peaceful protests were staged across the country that were largely ignored by news media, continuing a trend that researchers have extensively documented: news reporting on boys and men of color tends to reinforce negative stereotypes that feed most Americans' unconscious racial biases. The result is a vicious cycle of stereotyping that powerfully shapes how the public – and police – interact with boys and men of color. If you are in the DC area this week, consider attending a presentation and panel discussion about the news media's depictions of boys and men of color. I will be in attendance and will provide a summary on Friday. 

Up to 5 new Statewide Family Network Program grants available 
SAMHSA is offering up to 5 new Statewide Family Network Program grants. Today, nearly every state has active family organizations dedicated to promoting systems of care that are responsive to the needs of children and adolescents with mental health challenges and their families. Although significant progress has been made, further support will ensure self-sufficient, empowered networks that will effectively participate in State and local mental health services planning and health care reform activities related to improving community-based services for children and adolescents with mental health challenges and their families. Deadline is February, 2nd. Get on it Network faithful! 

NeuroLeader Master program kicks off on January 5th! 
Zeropoint Leadership is offering another round of their highly successful  8-week online neuroLeader MasterClass™ program. This science-based coaching & development program is for Leaders and teams who want to rock the work environment with neuroscience! 

AHRQ seeking comment on management strategies to reduce psychiatric readmissions 
Give a closer look at this call for comment on reducing psychiatric readmissions. Share with anyone that you think would be interested in the topic and providing public comment. The public comment period ends at 11:59 pm eastern time on December 29th, 2014. 

Find balance between treating mental illness, protecting rights 
Network faithful Dottie Pacharis is out with another heartfelt Morning Zen post on the importance of finding balance between treating mental illness and protecting rights. We will continue to present all sides of this challenging discussion topic. Thank you Dottie for your continued willingness to put yourself out there!

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