Friday Update 12-11-15

Greetings faithful readers. Let's start off with a video that is representative of the collective spirit that is the Network. Enjoy; listen to the words and music and let the imagery take you deep within your own heart so that you get a chance to reflect on the beauty that is the diversity of the Children's Mental Health Network. Get your luvin' on and then get to readin' Friday Update, cuz we got work to do!

Most important reads for this week

Pelosi calls for gun research ban to be removed
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced that Democrats will insist that the research ban be removed from law as part of the $1.1 omnibus that Congress needs to pass by next week to fund the government. Regardless of your political leanings, this is important news if you are an advocate for children's mental health.

The convoluted logic being promoted by some members of Congress, pairing gun violence with the need for mental health reform, while at the same time refusing to allow comprehensive research on the causes of gun violence, must come to an end now.

Insisting on reversing the ban on using federal money to research gun violence presents a daunting challenge, but a necessary one. Regardless of your political leanings, Network faithful, this is an important issue to get solidly behind. Let your representative know your thoughts!

Preventing Stage 4 Mental Illness—Call your congressional representative and let them know it is possible
CMHNetwork Advisory Council member Dennis Embry continues to bring the science to the conversation about preventing mental illness. Yep, it is possible. Don't be fooled by politicians who would like you to believe otherwise and try to sell you on the idea of increasing the most restrictive form of services instead of investing in proven prevention approaches. Study up, Network faithful!

Department of Mental Health doubles down on Tennesee's refusal to expand Medicaid 
Way to go Tennessee Department of Mental Health. It's about time someone stood up to state officials who refuse to expand Medicaid. Mental Health Commissioner Doug Varney told Governor Haslam that the expansion of Medicaid would have saved the Department of Mental Health more than $40 million dollars. We applaud this state agency for calling out the steady and continued erosion of funding for the public mental health system. More agencies affected by state decisions to not expand Medicaid should do the same.

Is a digital device in your child's future this holiday season?
One of our favorite Morning Zen contributors, Amy Williams, is back with another useful post on how to approach the holiday season if you are thinking of a digital device for a holiday gift to your child. A most helpful read!

CMHNetwork Advisory Council member Eliot Brenner named new CEO for Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut
Congratulations to CMHNetwork Advisory Council member Eliot Brenner for being selected as the new president and CEO of the Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut, Inc. (CGC). The hiring of Brenner to this leadership post is a huge win for Connecticut children and families!

The SOC Approach
The National Technical Assistance Center for Children's Mental Health is dedicated to increasing the capacity of Communities, States, Tribes, and Territories, to improve, sustain, and expand Systems of Care and the services and supports provided within them to improve the lives of children, youth, and young adults with or at risk for mental health challenges and their families. The SOC Approach Curriculum was developed to assist communities, states, tribes and territories understand the What, Why and How of System of Care Expansion.

Is Friday Update workin' for ya? 
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Scott Bryant-Comstock
President & CEO

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