Friday Update 11-3-15

Greetings faithful readers. Today is the day the long-awaited markup of the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act begins. Oh my, there will be plenty to write about, that's for sure. So wadda ya say we get pumped up with some Black Eyed Peas? Get your groove on , and then get to readin' Friday Update, cuz we got work to do!

Most important reads for this week

Markup of the Helping All Families with Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015 begins today!
Look for our recommendations this Friday.

Alternatives Conference Update: Not the three-eyed monster some would report
For the past two years, the Alternatives Conference has been a target of scorn by supporters of the Helping All Families with Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015 as an example of wasteful spending and one of the reasons the SAMHSA Administrator position should be abolished. Only one problem with their rhetoric around the Alternatives Conference – I don't think any of the naysayers has actually attended the conference. Nothing like seeing it for yourself to lend some credibility to your argument. Well, I can now say I have been to the Alternatives Conference. No, it's not the three-eyed monster that it gets portrayed as in the press and the halls of Congress. In my eyes, the conference appears to be one big family reunion of dedicated, compassionate individuals who are trying to make a difference for themselves and those around them. The people attending this conference are not politicians, policy wonks, and high paid lobbyists. They are the people of America. Congressional members of the House Energy & Commerce Committee might want to remember that as they prepare their speeches for the markup session today and tomorrow.

Parents: Kids Spurn Emotional Help For Fear 'They Might Think I'm The Next Shooter'
Lisa Lambert hits the nail on the head regarding the unintended consequences of pairing guns violence and mental illness. Young people with mental health challenges are increasingly not wanting to get help for fear of being seen as the "next shooter." Read her Zen post here

I was an antipsychotic zombie
Edward Opton weighs in on the anti-psychotic debate with a personal recollection from someone who recounts the "zombie" effect of antipsychotic drugs. Read his Zen post here.

Kimberly Hoagwood wins the APHA Award for Lifetime Contribution to the Field of Mental Health
A staunch advocate for children and families, Dr. Kimberly Hoagwood, Director and Principal Investigator of the Implementation and Dissemination of Evidence-based Practices Among States (IDEAS Center), has been announced as the winner of the Award for Lifetime Contribution to the Field of Mental Health - one of the American Public Health Association's most prestigious awards. Many families and family advocates in the children's mental health arena have benefited from Dr. Hoagwood's unwavering commitment to advancing the evidence base around the use of family-to-family support services. You can learn more about her work here. Congratulations Kimberly!

IMD Exclusion: Its History, Effects, and Future Policy Implications
Mental Health America's Regional Policy Council is holding a free webinar on the IMD Exclusion. The IMD Exclusion has been a topic of great interest to many Network faithful. Check it out!

For former foster kids, moving out of state can mean losing Medicaid
For former foster care youth, moving out of state can have serious consequences regarding their health care. Under the health law, young adults who age of out of the foster care system are eligible for free Medicaid coverage until they turn 26. The provision was an attempt to give them the same opportunity as other young people who can stay on their parents' insurance until their 26th birthday. But these young adults are encountering a major barrier: They are only guaranteed coverage in the state where they were in foster care. States have the option of extending the benefit to all former foster youths, but only about a dozen have done so. Read the full story by Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News, here.

Upcoming live webisode: "Behavioral Health Concerns in Classrooms"
The latest KSOC-TV webisode, "Behavioral Health Concerns in Classrooms," will air today, November 3 from 4:00-5:00 p.m. Eastern time.This webisode will address the topic identifying and managing behavioral health concerns in elementary school classrooms, and it will be moderated by Gary Blau from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Webinar alert: Risk-Need-Responsivity: Managing Risk and Mental Health for Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth
Research indicates that the old adage of "doing the time for the crime" does not have an appreciable impact on re-offending. This is particularly the case for young offenders; a group for which deeper penetration into the juvenile justice system can, in fact, make them worse. Justice agencies will have more success if they base their intervention decisions on some essential characteristics of the offender; namely, the level of risk for re-offending and specific criminogenic needs (risk factors that can change over time). Don't miss this compelling webinar with Gina Vincent, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Law & Psychiatry Program in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Details here.


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