Friday Update 10-3-14 
Greetings faithful readers.  Many thanks to Network faithful from 
Sung Nagi Kici Okiju: Becoming one with the Spirit of the Horse, for sharing this powerful video. There are over two million veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is estimated that 20% suffer from PTSD; 19% suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury. Every day, 22 veterans suffering from PTSD commit suicide – every 65 minutes to be precise. Okay, cancel the call that seems so important, close the door and take the time to watch "A Soldier's Memoir" PTSD Song by Joe Bachman. You will be glad you did. And then get to readin' Friday Update!

Most important reads for this week 

The National REACH Coalition launches the Health Equity Leadership & Exchange Network 
Congratulations to CMHNetwork Advisory member Daniel Dawes and the rest of his team at the Morehouse School of Medicine, the National REACH Coalition (NRC) and the National Collaborative for Health Equity for the launch of the Health Equity Leadership & Exchange Network (HELEN) – A Campaign to Advance Health Equity. The HELEN Initiative, funded by a grant from the Aetna Foundation, establishes a forum to bolster leadership development and the exchange of ideas and information among communities of color to advance racial and ethnic health equity in laws, policies, and programs. Check it out Network faithful! 

Advocates dialogue on Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) – Defining the "T" in AOT 
The Children's Mental Health Network hosted another great dialogue on Assisted Outpatient Treatment earlier this week. We are still writing up the results of this last dialogue and will share it with Network faithful next Friday. Our upcoming October dialogue will include a family who has recently gone through the AOT process so that we may better understand the hopes, challenges and fears associated with this process. In November, we will be inviting national advocacy groups to participate in a dialogue where we will share the results of our dialogue series to date and seek consensus on next steps. There is plenty of work to do on the issue of Assisted Outpatient Treatment. We need to do our part to show members of Congress that if we can work together to identify strategies for improving mental health services in America, so can they. Oh man, October and November are gonna be rockin'! Stay tuned.

HR 3717 challenges us to assess our belief system around what works and what doesn't 
One of the participants in our AOT dialogue this week wrote a poignant reflection on the experience. Jammie Farish captures painfully and articulately the complexities of the Assisted Outpatient Treatment debate from the perspective of a parent who is living with the issues brought up in the debate, not from a theoretical or philosophical perspective, but from the perspective of a mom who must struggle with issues of safety and care on a daily basis. Worthy read Network faithful. 

"Tampa Conference" Call for proposals is now open! 
The 28th Annual Research & Policy Conference on Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Behavioral Health invites you to submit proposals for research benefiting children, youth and their families. We are lovin' the proposals coming in so early! Looks like the makings of a bumper crop this year. The deadline for submissions is October 24, 2014. Known widely as "The Tampa Conference," this annual gathering of more than 500 researchers, evaluators, policy-makers, administrators, parents, and advocates is sponsored by the Department of Child and Family Studies at the University of South Florida, in partnership with the Children's Mental Health Network, the National Wraparound Initiative, Institute for Translational Research in Adolescent Behavioral Health, and the Institute for Innovation and Implementation at the University of Maryland School of Social Work. 

Rethinking Wraparound: Hello, Help, Healing and Hope: Proposing a New Construct to Support an Evolving Understanding of the Wraparound Approach 
Ya gotta love the spirit of John Franz, Mary Jo Myers and Pat Miles and their refreshing look at Wraparound. Here is a peek – "Raise your hand if you're a bit confused about what Wraparound is these days. Don't be shy. Lots of people are wondering the same thing… or "There is no Wraparound bible. Wrap does have a sort of Ten Commandments in the form of its core values, but they don't describe a specific practice model, only what every model should strive to achieve… Oh man, gonna need some Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey to go along with this read…

SAMHSA releases strategic plan 
SAMHSA has released its new strategic plan, Leading Change 2.0: Advancing the Behavioral Health of the Nation 2015–2018. The strategic plan outlines SAMHSA's plans for increasing awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders, expanding prevention efforts, promoting emotional health and wellness, increasing access to effective treatment, and supporting recovery.

NeuroLeader Master Class begins October 6th 
No turnin' back, I am about to get "Leaderized" and I am definitely pumped. Hope some of you are joinin' me! Starting this coming Monday I am embarking on an eight-week leadership journey with the wonderfully talented crew at ZeroPoint Leadership. The eight-week online leadership, coaching and development program begins October 6th. Read the description below and get involved! Take Note –  ZeroPoint Leadership is offering a 50% discount on the cost of enrollment to change leaders who work in a child and family service organization. Yowzers! 

Federation creating Family Movement Pioneers & Heroes Hall of Fame 
The National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health is calling for nominations for "Pioneers and Heroes" of the family movement over the past 25 years to coincide with their 25th anniversary conference. Sharpen your pencils and send in your nominations! 

Join the "Karaoke Challenge" for children's mental health! 
Keep singin' folks, the Karaoke Challenge is picking up steam and has eclipsed 4,000 views on Facebook. Major props to Network faithful Linette Murphy for spearheading the "Karaoke Challenge" to raise awareness and funds for the Children's Mental Health Network. Get your inner air guitar out and take that Freddy Mercury solo out of the shower and on YouTube and get involved! 


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