Friday Update 10-17-14 
Greetings faithful readers. Okay folks, the two architects of proposed mental health legislation in the House, need our help. We can't expect Representatives Murphy and Barber to have all of the answers. It's up to us to shape the dialogue on mental health reform, especially in the children's mental health arena. Before reading our Zen piece on mental health reform and our ongoing dialogue series, watch our video of the week - HELP - by the Beatles. We have included a version with the lyrics posted as we want you to imagine the two forward-thinking Congressmen as John and Paul, pleading to us for help. They need it, and we should give it. Okay moptops, enjoy the video and t
hen get to readin' Friday Update!

Most important reads for this week 

Mental health reform: We can't wait for politicians to do it for us 
So here's a little secret - Those on the treatment end of the Assisted Outpatient Treatment debate have more in common with those on the Recovery end of the debate than they might think. Yes, there is room for compromise around AOT, and more important, the two mental health bills (HR 3717 & HR 4574) floating in the House. But we can't wait for politicians to come together on the issues. We need to take the bull by the horns and do it ourselves. Come join us in dialogue!

Response to Dr. E. Fuller Torrey regarding progress in recovery 
Ron Manderscheid, Executive Director of the National Association of County Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Directors, responds to a recent comment from Dr. E. Fuller Torrey that criticized SAMHSA's National Wellness Week. Dr. Mandersheid does an excellent job of modeling the art of creating bridges to those with vastly divergent views. 

NeuroLeader Master Class - Behavior change ain't easy 
Greetings Network faithful. As promised, here is my first journal entry chronicling the first two weeks of my participation in the NeuroLeader Master Class being conducted by the effervescent duo of Paul McFadden and Laurie Ellington of Zero Point Leadership. The biggest impact so far is the subtlety of the approach. Behavior change ain't easy and whompin' me over the head with it won't work. And this experience is anything but a whomp on the head. No reading stories of high flying "leadership" from such luminaries as Jack Welch or Lee Iacocca (we all know how that one worked out). Just a gentle focus on the power within all of us to make a significant change in our approach to the world. 

The power of sleep 
At TEDMED 2014, neuroscientist Jeff Iliff illuminates a newly discovered, critical function of the brain during sleep, a natural cleansing system that keeps toxic proteins at bay.

"Tampa Conference" Call for proposals - still time to get your proposal in! 
The 28th Annual Research & Policy Conference on Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Behavioral Health invites you to submit proposals for research benefiting children, youth and their families. We are lovin' the proposals coming in! Looks like the makings of a bumper crop this year. The deadline for submissions is October 24, 2014. Known widely as "The Tampa Conference," this annual gathering of more than 500 researchers, evaluators, policy-makers, administrators, parents, and advocates is sponsored by the Department of Child and Family Studies at the University of South Florida, in partnership with the Children's Mental Health Network, the National Wraparound Initiative, Institute for Translational Research in Adolescent Behavioral Health, and the Institute for Innovation and Implementation at the University of Maryland School of Social Work. 

International resiliency experts come together at Wisconsin conference 
Hey, Network faithful, let's talk - When will you ever get the chance to interact with two internationally recognized experts on resiliency in one place? If you are interested in cutting edge resiliency work, you may want to check out the Children Come First conference, November 10 - 11, 2014. The conference features Nan Henderson of Resiliency in Action and Christian Moore, founder of the WhyTry program among many others. Check it out! 

Trauma-informed approaches to caring for every child's mental health 
Be sure to mark your calendars for Monday, October 27 from 2: 00pm-3: 00pm ET to watch the latest KSOC-TV webisode. This upcoming edition will focus on the principles of a trauma-informed approach and trauma-specific interventions designed to address the consequences of trauma among children, youth and families. 

National Federation Capitol Hill reception honors advancements in mental health 
The National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health is hosting a reception on Capitol Hill, November 19th  honoring the advancements made to mental health services and supports over the last 25 years. 

Listening session: Improving community mental health services 
Look for an upcoming SAMHSA listening session on November 12, 2014, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm about criteria development for the Demonstration Programs to Improve Community Mental Health Services (Section 223 of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014). Section 223 seeks to create certified community behavioral health clinics. The clinics will focus on improving outcomes by increasing access to community-based behavioral healthcare, expanding the availability and array of services, and improving the quality of care delivered to people with mental and/or substance use disorders.



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