Friday morning update – 6-22-12

Greetings faithful readers. Hope you are enjoying the bubbly anticipation on this "pre-prom - who is SCOTUS taking to the dance” Friday. We are brimming with excitement about the additions to the website this week and can't wait to share them with you. But first, take a moment to enjoy with us a really nice cover of Bob Dylan's Mozambique as we prepare to send loved ones off on a most amazing adventure.

Great news about the Senate Appropriations markup. Don't even think about getting' comfortable.
We made a whole lot of noise last week in our collective effort to save the Child Mental Health Initiative. The Senate Appropriations Committee is rejecting the Administration proposal to slash funding for children's mental health services by 28 million and is instead, recommending that the 2012 level of 117 + million be maintained for 2013. This is an important victory for the Child Mental Health Initiative but only a beginning step in a very long process. This is not the time for complacency. The House discussion will begin any day now. We need everyone to get involved and share your voice with your elected representatives. Take action now.

Make a business case for the Child Mental Health Initiative.
Okay Network faithful, dig out the old PowerPoint's, position papers, and policy briefs you have used over the years to help state and local leaders understand the value of a systems of care approach. We are collecting anything and everything that will help make a strong business case. In order to do that we need your hard evidence of how you successfully saved money in the long run, improved outcomes and generally made a difference for families and the communities in which they live. Details here.

Tips for law enforcement when interacting with adolescent girls – great resource!
There was a time when law enforcement calls involving juveniles were nearly always for boys. Girls were rarely arrested, and when they were, it was usually for non-violent status offenses such as running away, truancy, or curfew violations. But this has changed. Check out this excellent publication that provides law enforcement tips and strategies on how to improve outcomes when interacting with adolescent girls in the field. Details here.

Get your pre-conference groove on at the Training Institutes.
Don't forget that there is still a bit of room available for the five intensive Pre-Institutes Trainings at the Georgetown Training Institutes. Attendance is bustin' at the seams so get goin' if you haven't registered yet. Quick note – The Gaylord is almost sold out – call 'em and reserve a room already!

These next two items will help you dominate the office discussions about the ACA ruling next week.

A bit more to go with your second cup of Joe…

Let us know what you need from the Network!
We love feedback so let us know how we can improve the website to better meet your needs. Contact us here.

As always, thank you for your continued support of the Children's Mental Health Network,

Scott Bryant-Comstock
President & CEO

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