Okay, if that video didn't get your attention nothing will. How would you like to incorporate the "I won't stand for" campaign into your Children's Mental Health Awareness activities in May? Well, thanks to the generosity of Characters Unite they are encouraging the CMHNetwork to promote the campaign through our theme of battling stigma and disparities in children's mental health.

In addition, our wonderful partner Creating Community Solutions is making all of their resources available so that you can hold meaningful dialogues in your community about the importance of battling stigma and disparities in children's mental health. Put the two together and you have a perfect structure for hosting a most memorable children's mental health awareness week event. Even better, it is easy to incorporate existing activities into the event such as balloon launches, walks, poster contests and more. There are so many great events and activites planned for Awareness week. Our hope is that you will incorporate these two great opportunities into your plans to make your events that much richer.

Ready to get started?

1. Creating Community Solutions, part of the National Dialogue on Mental Health, is an initiative designed to get people and communities talking about mental health. CCS is helping communities organize dialogues and has created resources to help event organizers and participants talk about mental health and take action in their communities. And the best part, as a partner with CCS, the good folks at Creating Community Solutions have agreed to provide technical assistance to any group or organization wanting to hold a community dialogue. For those of you already planning events for Awareness Week the Creating Community Solutions dialogue can fit right in and actually provide the structure to hold a magnificent event. Conversations are taking place all over the country. We are listing just a few below. Let's put some Network love into this and fill up the map! Click here to get started! Be sure to let us know if you are planning a community event so you can participate in telephone consultation with folks who have conducted similar successful community forums. Thank you Creating Community Solutions for offering this to Network faithful!


jewell2. Incorporate the "I won't stand for" campaign into your children's mental health awareness week efforts by having your team or community gathering write down what they won't stand for in battling stigma and disparities. Characters Unite generously provided us 400 t-shirts which have been distributed to the early adopters of the campaign (lucky them). No worries, we have revamped our whiteboard campaign so you can take a picture holding up a sign stating what you won't stand for and upload it to the Children's Mental Health Network website. In addition, we encourage you to upload your photos to the Characters Unite website as well.

Let your perspective, your life’s experience, your values and hopes inform our collective advocacy by participating in the Whiteboard Campaign. Tell us what you won't stand for in our collective effort to imagine the best possible children’s mental health delivery system at home and around the world. Whether it is stigma, discrimination, stereotyping, or whatever is important to you, share your statement now.

 Okay, if that doesn't inspire you nothing will. The wonderful folks involved with the Healthy Transition Initiative grants have taken the lead by agreeing to organize community events during Children's Mental Health Awareness Week where community members can participate in a dialogue about how to address mental health stigma and disparities in their home town. Rock on HTI and thanks for kick starting this!



Children's Mental Health Awareness Week May 4 - 10, 2014

  1. Sign up to express your interest in holding a community dialogue.
  2. Tell us what you won't stand for.
  3. Let us know you are participating so we can send you invitations to Awareness week TA conference calls.
  4. Visit our resource page to find Awareness Week resources and learn what other activities are taking place. So much to choose from!
  5. Send us your organization logo so we can include it below! See who is jumping on board:

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