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brittanyI am pleased to announce the newest addition to the Children's Mental Health Network team, Brittany Smith, Director of Community Management. Brittany is responsible for ensuring active and clear communication among Children's Mental Health Network staff, its members, and individuals who utilize Network services. Brittany will be working with the Network to improve our use of social media and new technology in our education and advocacy work. Brittany brings to the Network a keen understanding of how to maximize social media to help effect increased awareness and action around the needs of youth with emotional challenges, their families, and the communities who serve them.

I know you will make her feel welcome! Feel free to share with her your good wishes and ideas for how the Network can better meet your needs in the comment section.


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    Tim Casey
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    I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon, but congrats on your new position, and any friend of Scott's is a friend of ours. If you're in Rhode Island come visit Parent Support Network of RI.
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    Kathy Lazear
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    Congrats, Brittany! Looking forward to working with you on ways to collaborate on the National Directory of Family-Run and Youth-Guided Organizations.
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    Kenneth Libby
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    Great to see the Network achieving so much for our children, and glad to hear that fresh, new leadership is coming onto the team. Good luck Ms. Smith, and remember to rely on the people who are showing you support now -- call on us for input and to respond to your questions.
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    Ann Capoccia
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    Hi Brittany - so good to meet you at the SOC Conference - you were so helpful to us - and your understanding and caring for young adults was such a gift for us and all at SAMSHA - best of luck in your new adventure - will be looking forward to hearing about it - Ann
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    Jenn Whinnem
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    Hello Brittany! I started my social media adventure at the CT Health Foundation back in March...happy to connect & share ideas.
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    Lori Reynolds
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    Wecome, Brittnay, I am so excited to get to work with you! I know you and Scott will help move us to the next level!

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    Kris Austin
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    Congratulations Brittany (and Scott)! We at EMQ FamiliesFirst are excited about this development. Our online communities are growing, and we'd like to work with you to develop safe, secure online groups for families so that they can communicate with and learn from each other. Hope to talk with you soon!
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    Brittany Smith
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    Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments everyone. I'm very excited to take on this new role at the Network. Send me your ideas on how the Network can help to support you in your work. If your idea is creative enough we'll roll with it and give you all the credit!
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    Suzanne Hannigan
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    Good-luck Brittany, you will be missed. Thanks for the great facilitation at the SOC Expansion Conference. I especially want to thank you for the mediation you did with Dani & Sufiya. They left the conference feeling like teamates.
    Sue Hannigan
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    Susan Burger
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    Congratulations!!! We at LIFT and Nassau County Family Support System have learned so much from working with you and look forward continuing to tap into your expertise.
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    Renita Murphy
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    Good Wishes Brittany! I'm sure you'll do an excellent job on the network. I'll thank you in advance for all your hard work and greatness.
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    Gary Macbeth
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    Congratulations Brittany! We at Georgetown have so appreciated your expertise and energy and I think you will do magic for the Network.
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    Lula Haynes
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    Good Morning Brittany, Welcome! Glad your on board to support our families and youth with mental health needs.
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    Lisa Lambert
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    So glad you are on board, Brittany. I am very excited that your skills will be added to this wonderful network. I look forward to working with you soon!
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    Cynthia Smith
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    So eager for you to continue your passionate pursuit of providing efficacious mental health support to children, families, and communities. Keep tweeting!
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    Jody Levison-Johnson
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    Welcome Brittany. I am certain that the Network and all of us who are committed to it will benefit from your contributions. Glad to have you aboard.
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    Denise Sulzbach
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    Brittany - Welcome! Your expertise in social media is a great addition to the team! Looking forward to meeting and working with you.
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    Wow. Way to go Britt.
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    Julia Puebla Fortier
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    Congrats Brittany! We wish you all the best in your new position, and hope to learn new things from you about supporting online communities.

    Julia and Candice
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    Steve Kossor
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    Best wishes for your success and a bright future for the Children's Mental Health Network. I hope we can collaborate to help children gain better access to Medicaid funding for their mental health treatment needs!
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    Cyndi nation
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    Welcome Brittany. We are so happy to have you this adventure and with Scott at the helm it should be exciting. You'll have fun and learn a lot. I look forward to working with you and getting you all up to Fairbanks where it is -26.
  22. Alfredo Aguirre's avatar
    Alfredo Aguirre
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    Brittany, welcome and congrats. Look forward to working with you. Alfredo Aguirre, San Diego, member of Advisory Committee
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