Merger Mania

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The cessation of funding new cooperative agreements and the rollout of the System of Care Expansion RFA suggest that there is definite movement toward merging the CMHI program with the Substance Abuse Block Grant (SABG) and the Community Mental Health Block Grant (MHBG). The problem with mergers is that while they are promoted as combining the best of both, in most cases that is not what happens. Those who do the absorbing end up deciding on what elements stay and what elements go. Make no mistake – the CMHI program is the one being absorbed. It is critically important that over 25 years of developing and demonstrating the system of care approach and its ability to meet the needs of children, youth and families not be lost in this merger.

Please note that public comment is now closed. However, check back frequently for updates on any changes made as a result of the many letters sent in by supporters of the Children's Mental Health Network.

Listed below are some key talking points and specific recommendations, as well as a sample comment letter that was available to people wanting to comment.

Your voice really does count. Let’s not let the hard work of providers, families and youth over the past 25 years get lost in “merger mania.”

Key points:

Specific recommendations:


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