Charleston/Dorchester Counties, South Carolina

Initial Funding:

September, 1993


The Village has worked to coordinate its efforts with other State initiatives including the Interagency System of Care for Emotionally Disturbed Children (ISCEDC), an interagency staffing/case review mechanism for children in State custody at risk of out-of-home placement, and the Continuum of Care, a Governor’s office program to provide intensive case management services for seriously emotionally disturbed children who are not in State custody.


The target population for the system is 553 children with severe emotional disturbances living in Charleston and Dorchester county. The target population is predominately male (62-80 percent) and African-American (51-75 percent). Half (50 percent) of the children are between the ages of 10-17 years. Children being served by the Village are from the following categories: Children who are on waiting list in the South Carolina Continuum of Care Program; Children being served through the Children’s Case Resolution System (CCRS); Department of Juvenile Justice Law Suit Claimants; Child sexual assault victims; Sexual offenders; Children in foster care; Crisis/psychiatric emergencies; and Homeless.



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