Greenwood, South Carolina

Initial Funding:

October, 1999


As documented in the initial grant application, the overall program goals of Gateways to Success are as follows: Develop a system of care that enables youths with serious emotional disturbance to transition into adulthood, making psychological improvements and becoming self-sufficient and productive citizens; Create a service delivery system for young persons with serious emotional disturbance that is planned and developed at the local level by consumers, family members, and professional staff; Provide and coordinate intensive services with other community agencies to help young persons develop the necessary skills to work and live with the maximum of independence within their respective communities; Develop services in four major areas: treatment and support, employment, education, and independent living; Develop strategies for recruitment, selection, and retention of the target population to ensure that young persons with serious emotional disturbance participate in the program; Offer wraparound services that support the individual client and enhance the probability of successful transition into adult roles, responsibilities, and, if necessary, service systems. Offer client-driven services that are culturally competent; Use a team approach to provide services that are coordinated with all service providers, adhering to the basic principles of the Child and Adolescent Service System Program; and Develop a system process and outcomes that are measurable and will enhance the likelihood of not only the success of this project but future funding to maintain this initiative post-grant funding.


The Gateways to Success program serves Greenwood County, located in rural South Carolina. Its 2004 population was estimated at 67,519, which was an approximate 2 percent increase from the 2000 Census. In the 2000 U.S. Census, 65.6 percent of Greenwood County residents were White, 31.7 percent African-American, and less than 3 percent classified as Other. The target population served by the grant is youth who have serious emotional disturbance and their families. Specific eligibility criteria are as follows: Young adults aged 14–21 years for the school-based program, and 16–22 years for the community-based services program; The presence of an emotional, behavioral, or mental diagnosis under DSM–IV guidelines; Inability to function in school, family, or community environments; Involvement with two or more human service agencies; and The presence of a disability for 1 year or evidence that it will last longer than 1 year.In 2004, 213 youth have been served in Gateways (through the program office, 113; Greenwood High School, 32; Ninety-Six High School, 22; Ware Shoals High School, 1; Emerald- High School, 45).



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