Statewide, Rhode Island

Initial Funding:

February, 1994


The vision of REACH RI mirrors state legislation and embodies the CASSP values and principles. The purpose of REACH RI is to fully implement a community-based system of care for all Rhode Island children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbances. The project builds upon an established statewide clinical and interagency framework, enhancing collaboration between public and private providers and funders. The overriding philosophy of the project is that the system of care must be community based, culturally and gender appropriate, and child-and-family centered. Goals are to augment existing community-based services, provide a broad array of culturally appropriate mental health services in each of the state's eight catchment areas, assure participation from diverse families, strengthen the existing interagency framework, and monitor and evaluate the system of care.


The target population of REACH RI is socioeconomically disadvantaged children zero to 18 years of age (up to 21 years under special circumstances) with serious emotional disturbances. The children in the target population must be at risk for out of home placement and have a DSM IV diagnosis. The State estimates that there are 31,804 children and adolescents in the catchment area, with approximately 2 percent, or 636 children, eligible for Project REACH RI services. Approximately 155 children in Providence are served annually by Project REACH RI. The geographic boundary of the catchment area is the entire city of Providence, the urban center of the State. The population of Providence is diverse, including many Spanish-speaking and African American families, as well as groups from Southeast Asia (e.g., Thailand, Vietnam).



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