Lane County, Oregon

Initial Funding:

September and November, 1994


Originally, a focus was placed on expanding mental health services. The intent changed to building a system of care that included an array of services including wraparound services.


The target population has remained the same - children with serious emotional and behavioral disorders ages 0-19 who experienced serious neurobiological disorders or emotional and behavioral disorders; who had multi-agency involvement; and who met the established criteria for intensive services. The target population was modified during 1998 to provide services to more children and families with mental health needs, not just those with serious emotional and behavioral disorders. The contracted mental health agencies served about 3,000 children a year through their programs. The population of Lane County is predominantly Caucasian, 94 percent, but the Hispanic population is growing. New Opportunities served all of Lane County, Oregon. Two contiguous urban areas (the towns of Eugene and Springfield) and several smaller towns are scattered across this broad, mostly rural county, which covers 4,610 square miles.



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