Clackamas County, Oregon

Initial Funding:

October and November, 1998


The Clackamas Partnership’s mission is to “create an enhanced system of care to provide effective, efficient, coordinated services to children, adolescents and families dealing with serious emotional disorders.” Program goals of the Partnership are to consolidate existing fragmented service delivery and funding streams; develop an effective, collaborative governance structure; ensure full involvement of families in all aspects of system development; create a single sustainable system of care; establish interagency collaboration in the structure and process of the system; enhance organizational relationships with the State, county Department of Human Resources, and local collaborating agencies; integrate participatory, outcome-focused evaluation into system, program, and practice levels; and build a managed care model for children with serious emotional disturbances and their families.


The catchment area for the Clackamas Partnership is Clackamas County, Oregon. Although part of the Portland metropolitan area, only a third of the land area in Clackamas County is urban, with the majority of the county being rural. Covering 1,879 square miles, Clackamas County had an estimated population of 350,850 residents on July 1, 2002, according to the Population Research Center at Portland State University. The Partnership’s target population reflects the ethnic and racial diversity of the general population of Clackamas County. The majority of individuals (91.7 percent) living in the county are White. The target population is comprised of residents of Clackamas County who are under 22 years of age; have at least one DSM–IV diagnosis that prevents functioning in the family, school, or community; requires multi-agency services; and is of at least a 12-month duration; and are at risk of out-of-home placement if intensive community-based services are not provided, or are in out-of-home placement and need intensive community-based services to support a successful return home From March 03 to March 04, the Partnership has served a total of 82 children and their families. Of this total, 32 were new enrollments. Total enrollment in the project from its implementation in September 1998 through December 31, 2003, has been 322 children and families, with more than twice as many boys (217) as girls (105) enrolled.



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