Dona Ana County, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Initial Funding:

February, 1994


The system of care in Doña Ana County – formerly Doña Ana County Children and Adolescent Collaborative (DACCAC), has developed goals that are consistent with Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) principles. The vision includes individualized treatment, family involvement, and interagency collaboration. The major goals of the DACCAC are reducing the number of placements and length of stay in psychiatric hospitals, reducing out-of-state placements and the length of stay in in-state residential placements, developing community-based alternatives to institutional and residential care, a community-based service delivery system, and flexible non-categorical mechanisms.


The target population for Olympia services has remained the same over the course of the grant: school-aged children who have serious emotional disturbances, who are at risk for out-of-home placement, and who are involved with two or more public agencies. A large portion of the county population (58%) is Hispanic. Thirty-eight percent of the county population is Caucasian and 2 percent is African American. The site had estimated that the project would serve over 100 children and their families in the first year, and over 400 children in each successive year of the project.



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