Clark County, Nevada

Initial Funding:

October and November, 1998


The overall mission of NCC is to “provide family-centered, neighborhood-based, integrated services.” Its goal is to realize a broader application of system-of-care principles by developing a system of integrated case management services to be delivered out of the neighborhood centers. Each center provides one-stop locations in neighborhoods throughout the county where children and families can access services from Mental Health, Juvenile Justice, and Child Welfare. Specific objectives of the program are to incorporate family members in all aspects of DCFS–Southern Region services; establish a project coordinating center for the implementation of the regional initiative and the Neighborhood Care Centers program; develop a strategic training plan for service coordination teams, parents, and service providers; develop a neighborhood-based, integrated service delivery system; develop evaluation and data collection procedures targeted toward consumer evaluation and program outcomes; develop neighborhood care centers to implement the Regional Service Plan; and develop a funding initiative to maintain the system of care developed through the initiative and present it to Nevada legislature through the budget process.


The Neighborhood Care Centers program serves Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Mesquite, Boulder City, Primm, and Laughlin. The rapidly growing county is home to 1,464,653 of Nevada’s 1,998,257 people according to Census 2000 population estimates. The residents of Clark County are White (71.6 percent), African-American (9.1 percent), Asian/Pacific Islander (5.5 percent), and American Indian/Eskimo (0.8 percent). Twenty-two percent of Clark County’s residents are Hispanic. English and Spanish are the most common languages. The economy of Clark County is based primarily on tourism and the gaming industry. The estimated median household income is $44,616, and approximately 158,183 families (10.8 percent) are identified as living in poverty. The target population for Neighborhood Care Centers continues to be children and youth who reside in the Clark County catchment area; are 5 to 17.5 years of age at enrollment; have a diagnosable serious emotional disorder; have high-risk multi-agency need; and are at risk of out-of-home placement. As of October 2000, NCC has served approximately 67 children and youth.



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