22 central counties, Nebraska

Initial Funding:

October, 1997


The mission of the Nebraska Family Central is to strengthen, support, and enhance the lives of children and adolescents with serious emotional and behavioral challenges and their families in the 22-county catchment area. The overall goal for NFC is to provide best practice services through a comprehensive system of mental health care for children, adolescents, and their families. Due to the fact that the statewide child protective custody agency has historically relied on out-of-home placements to address the needs of children and adolescents with multiple and complex needs, the number of wards of the State has increased over the past 4 years. In addition, few mental health services have been available to children and families to keep children in the least restrictive settings possible. As a result, one of the major emphases of the grant has been to develop community-based alternatives to meet the mental health needs of children who are wards of the State or involved in the juvenile justice system.


The target population for Nebraska Family Central is children under 21 years of age who have a DSM–IV diagnosable disorder; have a disorder likely to last 1 year or more; exhibit significant functional impairments and needs in several domains of living; are in, or at risk of, placement in out-of-home care; and family commitment to participate in the program is strongly encouraged.



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