Passamaquoddy Tribe Indian Township, Maine

Initial Funding:

October 1997


In addition to providing services at the child and family level, a major component of the Kmihqitahasultipon Project is to serve as a community-level intervention, providing all children and families in the community with opportunities to reintegrate the Passamaquoddy culture into their lives. By fostering the traditional community culture, the project hopes to support caregivers in maintaining family structure as well as to promote and enliven the traditional and spiritual heritage of the Passamaquoddy. The overarching goals of the grant, as articulated in the project’s vision statement, by project staff, and in other supporting documents is to (1) promote community development by training community members to provide services, (2) provide early intervention services, and (3) work with families to individually design and plan services that are culturally and uniquely appropriate to the child and family.


Members of the Passamaquoddy Tribe live primarily in northeastern Maine and eastern Canada. The Kmihqitahasultipon Project serves the Indian Township Reservation, which is located in northeastern Maine and includes 700 members of the Passamaquoddy Tribe and about 200 other people, including descendants of Passamaquoddy tribal members, other Native Americans, and non-Native Americans. Anyone living on the reservation can receive services from the project. The target population for services includes all tribal families who have members with mental health needs and living in the geographical area. At the time of the 99 site visit, a total of 77 children (36 families) were receiving a range of mental health and other needed support services through the project. During 02-03, the program has served 25 children.



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