Sedgwick County, Kansas

Initial Funding:

February, 1994


The system of care is dedicated to providing adequate services to children with SED and their families so they can live in the community.  The system’s main goal is the expansion of services to meet current needs, including expansion of early intervention services, transition services, and family support services.  The system also has four outcome goals related to reduction of out-of-home placements, improved functioning, and increased family satisfaction. Project staff throughout all levels of the system are able to articulate and explain the vision and goals of the system to achieve relevance to the community.


Children are served throughout the entire Sedgwick County catchment area. The target population for the system are the approximately 1,000 children with SED living in Sedgewick county.   Although priority has been placed on serving children who have been in the State hospital or other out-of-community placements, as this group diminishes, early intervention services are being expanded. As of FY97, the system of care serves about 225 children with serious emotional and behavior problems from all of Sedgwick County, for an average of 1,200 children annually.  Children of color are reported to be underserved by the system of care. Wichita’s Family and Children’s Community Services (FCCS) expects to serve approximately 500 children during FY98 and 1,200 children over the life of the 5-year grant-funded period.

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