13 Southeastern counties, Kansas

Initial Funding:

September and November 1994


The system of care is committed to an integrated service delivery approach for children with SED and their families through collaboration and shared resources. They system of care key goals are centered around the development of a community infrastructure for service delivery, transition to a family-centered delivery system, development of a culturally proficient system of care, early intervention and prevention services for at risk children, comprehensive mental health services, case management and individualized planning for children and families. Lastly, two goals are related to implementation of a cost effective program wide evaluation and information dissemination to build capacity fro program expansion.


The original target population of KanFocus is the estimated 1318 children and adolescents with SED, and that has changed very little over the course of the grant, as the project continues to be a conduit for services to children in the 13-county region who have (or are at risk for) serious emotional disorders or who are at risk of out-of-home or out-of-community placement.  A continuing focus of the initiative is early intervention and prevention. The service delivery area is primarily rural with 21.4% of individuals living at poverty level and 25.5% of families receiving economic assistance. The ethnic and minority composition of the system of care varies by county. The target population consists of African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Whites. As of August 1997, 1,800 children had been served through the KanFocus Project.





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