Lyons, Riverside, and Proviso Townships, Illinois

Initial Funding:

September and November, 1994


Community Wraparound Initiative (CWI) is guided by a vision of system change that integrates the core principles and the philosophy of systems of care into all child-serving agencies. The goal of institutional change requires that the work of CWI become integral to the community service delivery structure, rather than a “project” that is in existence only as long as funding is in place. The key goals for the Initiative are to support existing agency staff in facilitating child and family teams utilizing the wraparound approach; to provide access to flexible funds; to maintain children in the community and reduce hospitalization; and to coordinate and integrate the services of all child-serving agencies to meet the needs of children with serious emotional disturbances and their families.


The population served by CWI has remained unchanged during the course of the grant period. CWI defines its target population as children ages 3 to 21 years who reside in Lyons, Riverside, or Proviso Townships; who have serious emotional disorders; who have multi-agency involvement; and who are at risk for out-of-home placement. CWI has served a total of 350 children and their families since the beginning of the grant. At the time of the ‘98 site visit, a total of 115 children were actively receiving services. Of the children currently in services, 80 percent were male and 20 percent were female; 68 percent were Caucasian, 26 percent were African American, 4 percent were Hispanic, 1 percent were biracial, and 1 percent were other or of unknown racial status. The catchment area of Lyons, Riverside, and Proviso Townships is located in the western section of Cook County and roughly covers a 10-mile by 10-mile geographic area with a population of about 270,000.



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