Rockdale and Gwinnett Counties, Georgia

Initial Funding:

May and July, 2000


PSWI focuses on two of the three counties served by GRN: Gwinnett and Rockdale. The overarching goals of the PSWI project, as stated in the grant application, include meeting the needs of children and families struggling with serious emotional disturbance; enhancing family initiatives; collecting child, family, and system evaluation data; developing a governance structure for the system that includes families and cross-agency participation; filling in the gaps of the service array so that it is a full continuum; continuing and expanding culturally competent practices; implementing family-centered, team-based wraparound practice; and blending cross-agency funds into a single stream. To meet these goals, the project’s strategic plan focuses on creating a locally shared vision and model, providing training and technical assistance, developing an integrated evaluation plan, establishing a governance committee, ensuring pervasive and meaningful family involvement at all levels, and addressing the initiation of managed care within the State.


The KidsNet program serves Rockdale County, the second smallest county in the State. Located 23 miles east of Atlanta, Rockdale County covers 130 square miles and comprises part of the 13-county metropolitan Atlanta area. According to 2004 United States census estimates, the population of Rockdale County is 76,821 people. According to the 2000 census data, 73 percent of the population is White, 18 percent is African-American, and 6 percent is Hispanic. The Hispanic population within Rockdale County is growing and respondents reported that most Hispanic residents reside in Lakeview Estates, a mobile home community within the catchment area of the grant program. The target population for grant services includes children aged 0 to 21 years who have been diagnosed with a serious emotional disturbance; require services from two or more child-serving agencies or providers; demonstrate an inability to perform in the family, school or community such that they could be at risk of removal from their home, school or community; and have been diagnosed with a serious emotional disturbance for at least 1 year or are expected to carry such diagnosis for at least 1 year. The priority for services continues to be children who are at risk for out-of-home placement or are in residential placement. Between the 2004 and 2005 assessments, KidsNet has enrolled 25 children and families and provided services to 129 children. As of July 2005, 21 children were receiving services through the grant program. A total of 684 children have received services through KidsNet since grant funds were received. Program administrators reported subsequent to the site visit that demographic information has been collected on 351 children; another 146 children have received screening services and demographic information is being collected; and another 180 children received screening services during the earlier years of the grant but demographic information was not collected at that time.




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