Santa Barbara County, California

Initial Funding:

September and November, 1994


The vision of MISC is to develop a collaborative system of county services that reduces out-of-home care, has a single point of entry for services, provides a wraparound approach to service delivery, reduces duplication of services, and fully involves families.  Sixteen principles delineate the vision in practice and form the basis of the project goals.  The MISC is dedicated to three goals: improved child and family outcomes; improvement in mediating variables such as cultural competence, family involvement and collaboration; and the ability to replicate MISC in other localities and states.  Respondents across systems and the family representative were able to articulate the vision and goals.


The target population of MISC is youth of Santa Barbara County who are involved with two or more agencies.  To be served by MISC, each child and family must be enrolled by one of the doorway agencies.  The criteria for enrolling children in MISC is determined by each doorway agency, and each agency has developed its own priorities designed to ensure that children with the most serious emotional disorders will receive services through MISC. The evaluation team reported that 879 youths have enrolled in MISC.  No problems were reported in reaching the target population. The children served by MISC are equally distributed between three communities in Santa Barbara, Lompoc, and Santa Maria. The racial and ethnic population of MISC clients was 41 percent Caucasian, 45 percent Latino, 10 percent African American, and 4 percent other ethnicities.


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