Riverside, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Solano, and Ventura Counties, CA

Initial Funding:

February, 1994


 The California 5’s main goal is to provide mental health services to children with serious emotional disorders through an interagency approach.  This interagency model for the provision of services fosters joint planning and blending of resources to address service needs for children and adolescents at risk for out-of-home placements and children who are wards and dependents of the courts.  The education system provides special education services to children according to AB3632.  This legislative mandate requires mental health services to be provided through the county mental health agency when an interagency team of professionals identifies a child who needs mental health services to enhance his or her educational service plan (i.e., Individualized Education Plan).


The children who have been identified as the target population are “children who are, or who are at risk of being, emotionally disturbed and who are at risk for out-of-home placement.” Riverside County is very large geographically (a four-hour drive from one end of the county to the other) with 13 sites where children and families receive mental health services. In the first nine months of FY95 the system of care served 3,902 children.. For San Mateo County, the target population broadened to include all children receiving services through the public Medicaid system, not just children at imminent risk of out-of-home placement. During 1994-1995, the total population increased by 31 percent to 1,670 children and youth. For Santa Cruz, the target population has broadened to include children involved with the EPSDT services. The Solano County System of Care served about 400 active cases at a given time during FY95. Ventura County served about 2,100 children during FY95.




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