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We believe that advocacy is not only about contacting officials and writing memos, but also about organizing efforts with other individuals, organizations, and communities. The more we can organize dialogue among the advocacy community about meaningful mental health reform, the stronger and more cohesive the message can be that is shared with decision-makers in Washington, DC. Check out a great example of our organizing efforts here

Be Heard

We focus on issues impacting children, families and the professionals who work with them. With a particular emphasis on policies that promote a family-driven, youth-guided approach, the Children’s Mental Health Network works to improve national and state mental health policy, research and services. Examples of how we do this include our groundbreaking efforts to save the Healthy Transitions Initiative, pushing for the joint CMS/SAMHSA Medicaid bulletin encouraging states to design benefits allowing youth with mental health needs to live at home and get services in the community rather than be institutionalized, or our continuing bold and aggressive efforts to better understand how the court ordered process of assisted outpatient treatment fits into the overall continuum of services and supports for youth with mental health challenges and their families.

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