Who We Are

We are a network of individuals across the globe collaborating to share information designed to improve the mental health and well-being of children and youth, and to provide support for their families.

Our Mission

The three-pronged mission of the Children’s Mental Health Network is to provide its constituents with the most current legislative information regarding children’s mental health care, achieved through deciphering, distilling, and disseminating policy decisions; to increase awareness of innovative program efforts; and to promote dialogue among various stakeholders. The Network strives to be a fair and independent source of information while creating a forum for sharing ideas and opinions on ways to help strengthen and promote thriving communities in their efforts to enhance the lives of children, youth, and their families. By continuing to operate independently of any federal funds, this not-for-profit corporation relies on the financial support from personal and organizational contributions, and therefore is able to maintain a neutral position when communicating information.

What We Do  

Through its weekly email updates that analyze and synthesize legislative information, the Children’s Mental Health Network shines a spotlight on current topics and key issues focusing on children’s mental health. Through its popular “Friday Update,” the Network continues to reach an ever-growing and diverse audience of those interested in making a positive impact on the field. Readers and contributors come from a variety of backgrounds related to the field including youth, parents, community leaders, policy-makers, state and federal officials, and increasingly, similar groups from countries across the globe. The Children’s Mental Health Network website and weekly updates address the common theme expressed among all who have become involved with the network. That is, to provide a single source of information that that can effectively distill the high volume of material generated about these issues, and to do so in a way that simplifies the information while highlighting the key elements that require advocacy and action. 

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