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We are a national network bringing together the voices of children's mental health. Join us to benefit from up-to-date information singularly focused on children’s mental health care. Learn More About What We Do… 

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President Trump's Fiscal 2018 Budget Proposal Would Completely Eliminate 66 Federal Programs

President Trump's fiscal 2018 budget proposal would completely eliminate 66 federal programs, for a savings of $26.7 billion. Some of the programs would receive funding for 2018 as part of a p…

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Nominations Open for National Wraparound Implementation Academy Awards

The National Wraparound Implementation Academy is coming up September 11–13, with an exciting agenda filled with opportunities to increase skills and knowledge a…

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Morning Zen

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E. Fuller Torrey Is Right About a Cause of Schizophrenia, but Missed How to Prevent Schizophrenia

Morning Zen Guest Blog Post ~ Dennis Embry ~  Yep, it’s true that cat poop can cause schizophrenia.  To be more correct, studies by Dr. E. Fuller Torrey promote the …

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